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Merchant Cash Advance

When you seek quick capital solutions, consider the advantages of a Merchant Cash Advance. It provides you with upfront funding by leveraging a portion of your daily bank deposits. This option offers the financial flexibility you need, making it an appealing choice for businesses like yours, whether you're managing finances or exploring growth opportunities.

we ensure that all merchants can access our products with confidence and ease. With a minimum credit score requirement of 550, NewCo aims to provide opportunities for a wide range of businesses and secure funding for their business initiatives. 

Additionally, we only require one year in business to demonstrate a level of stability and experience that secures the funds and provides a guarantee on the transaction.

We trust our merchants and we have confidence in all of our business deals, That's why we have up to five NSF transactions per month, reflecting our emphasis on trust and reliability. 

Similarly, we only required (4) four minimum monthly deposits on the merchant's account to indicate a consistent cash flow that can support the repayment structure of the Line of Capital.

Renewals are facilitated with a 50% paid-in requirement, allowing businesses to renew their LOC while ensuring they have a vested interest in the process. Moreover, NewCo incentivizes early payoffs with a personalized discount percentage, to get more info about your rates get in contact with your specialized ISO rep.  

NewCo offers participation options that cater to the diverse needs of businesses, providing flexibility and customization in accessing working capital. Whether businesses prefer a traditional approach or seek innovative solutions, NewCo's Line of Capital is designed to accommodate various participation preferences.

In summary, we prioritize accessibility, responsibility, and flexibility over all of our deals, empowering Merchants to use our products to fuel their growth and success.


Line of Capital

NewCo’s Line of Capital is a dynamic receivables-based (MCA) product that utilizes advanced payment technology to facilitate on-demand access to working capital.

Unlike conventional MCA financing which provides a single sale/purchase transaction via a lump sum upfront payment, the Line of Capital product allows the business to access funds based upon a pre-approved maximum amount incrementally.

With NewCo's Line of Capital, business owners can quickly and efficiently access working capital to scale, grow, and create jobs.


  • Up to 4th position

  • 550 min. Credit score

  • 1 year TIB

  • NSFs 5/month

  • Minimum Deposits

  • 4 Renewals 50% paid-in

  • Early Payoff Discount

  • Participation Options

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Don't let financial uncertainty hold you back.  Secure your future and achieve your goals. 

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