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Business Line of Capital

NewCo’s Line of Capital is a dynamic receivables-based (MCA) product that utilizes advanced payment technology to facilitate on-demand access to working capital.

Unlike conventional MCA financing which provides a single transaction via a lump sum financing, the Line of Capital product allows the business to incrementally access funds based upon a pre-approved maximum amount.

With NewCo's Line of Capital, business owners can quickly and efficiently access working capital to scale, grow, and create jobs.


ISO exclusivity: By maintaining exclusivity throughout the line of capital Funding, ISOs ensure they receive full commissions as long as the line of capital remains in the drawdown period.

Early Payment Incentives:

For those who prefer to settle early, exclusive discounts are in place as a token of appreciation. The quicker they pay, the more they save.



Instant Access: Unlock capital

on demand via our portal, and

draw-down funds whenever and wherever they need them.


No Strings Attached: Merchants can enjoy the freedom to pay as they go, without worrying about early pay penalties. Their financial flexibility is our priority.


Flexible Timing: Merchants can access capital today, tomorrow,

or whenever.  

Payment Timeline Line of Capital

This is how our easy payback process works!

Once your account is established, the Drawdown Period commences (example: 120 days) and access to funds is made possible via NewCo’s Line of Capital portal. During this window, each withdrawal reduces the available approval amount and triggers its own cycle based on your company’s finances, thus ensuring tailored financial management.

This product is designed to support your business's growth by providing the financial flexibility needed to seize opportunities as they arise, all within a predictable and structured repayment framework.

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1,000,000 approval

Product Highlights

Early Pay-off: NewCo's Line of Capital encourages early pay-off by offering credit discounts for payments made ahead of schedule, enabling businesses to save on capital costs and manage their finances more efficiently.


Automated Approvals: The Line of Capital streamlines the approval process with automated approvals, you are one click away from getting the funds you need.

Instant Draw via Portal: Merchants can instantly draw funds via NewCo's portal/ Mobile app, providing convenient access to working capital whenever it's needed, enhancing operational efficiency and flexibility.


Revolving Capital Limit: With a pre-approved maximum amount, the Line of Capital offers a revolving capital limit, allowing businesses to access funds as needed and replenishing the approval amount as payments are made, providing ongoing financial support for growth and expansion.


Flexible Revolving Facility: The Line of Capital offers a flexible revolving facility, enabling businesses to access funds incrementally and make payments on a tailored schedule, providing the financial agility needed to seize opportunities and manage cash flow effectively.



Up to 4th position
550 min. Credit score
1 year TIB
NSFs 5/month
Deposits 4
50% paid-in
Early Payoff Discount
Participation Options

NewCo Capital Group ensures that all merchants can access competitive financial products with confidence and ease.

With a minimum credit score requirement of 550 and one year time in business, NewCo aims to provide opportunities for a wide range of businesses to secure funding for all their business needs.

With a pre-approved approval amount, the Line of Capital product offers a revolving capital limit, allowing businesses to access funds as needed and replenishing the approval amount as payments are made, providing ongoing financial support for growth and expansion.

NewCo's mission of prioritizing accessibility, responsibility, and flexibility, empowers small businesses to grow, scale, and create jobs.

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Providing Big Capital to
Small Businesses is our Business!

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